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Release Festivities for Soviet Unterzoegersdorf: Sector 2

An adventure marches on! Let the proletarians sing with joy! Let us celebrate a glorious triumph!

Where? When?

At Chez Poulet (3359 Cesar Chavez, San Francisco, so-called “United States of America”)

Saturday, March 7, 2009. 8 PM.

His Excellency Commissar Nikita Perostek Chrusov will be giving a speech and demonstration! Music! Dance! Dialectics!

Filthy $5 entry fee (but no one turned away, comrades!)

Facebook Event link
Upcoming Event link

The Long Story Of The Cardboard Box From The Sky / Part 1-6

It is a complete mystery.
Link / Part 1
Link / Part 2
Link / Part 3
Link / Part 4
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Shameless report about "vacation trip"

Comrades all over the world!

I still shiver! My heart is filled with universal anger!
Something unspeakable happened!

Again, the mainstream online media outlet “Boing Boing TV” reports about the diplomatic visit of His Excellency Ambassador Nikita Chrusov to the “United States”! Just a friendly vacation trip!
And they label it as “Terrorist Training!”
What an unforgivable insult!

They cut a nice little color holiday film of 12 hours and 35 seconds down to a mere 4 minutes in black and white! Completely out of context, the Ambassador and his secretary look like incapable imbeciles! And moreover, they pretend that they cracked our glorious cypher! This is a LIE! Data engineer [NAMEENCODED] told me that they will never break the code:
“They will never break the code, Sir Blogging Officer Sir!”

Instead they add silly jokes and silly American (!) cats!
I curse those Westerners and their weak immune system! They think they can insult us in their stupid comments and hide behind liberal pseudonyms, but they wet their pants when they hear “universal healthcare!” Stupid assholes!

This video is an incredible symbolic assault!
Fight the great fight of ignoring that crap!
Saw off the Society of the Spectacle!


Damned Video Link

Shameless report about political incident

Members of the CPSUZöD protest against a recent smut report on Boing Boing TV. A strong political message about suppression was turned into a filthy report about a drunken representative of our country!

His Excellency Ambassador of Soviet Unterzoegersdorf, Nikita Chrusov, is entering the Marriott Hotel in San Diego, during O’Reilly ETech conference, to attend a corporate afterparty sponsored by

After four weeks of sea travel on a cargo ship and two weeks of journey in a Greyhound bus, the Ambassador is eagerly awaiting a meeting. He wants to confront Disney executives with a couple of questions, especially talking to them about their “sugar-coated bullets”, that threaten the very existence of his country by brutal cultural force.

But then — he is forcibly ejected from party, like cosmonaut from spaceship escape hatch. Commissar Chrusov calls this act “an unbelievable act of political shortsightness” and complains about mysterious green “poisoned pudding.”

They even misspell our country’s name in the subtitles!

Video Link

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